21 Nov 20161 minute to read

PDF viewer for JavaScript is a visualization component to view PDF documents in web pages. It is powered by HTML5/JavaScript and provides various customization.

Key Features

The key features of the PDF viewer control are listed as follows:

  • Supports uploading PDF document into the server as byte array or as stream and supports displaying the same in the client.

  • Supports for viewing password protected/encrypted PDF documents.

  • Supports customizing the default toolbar or creation of a toolbar as per the application requirements.

  • Supports zooming tools and viewing modes for better viewing experience.

  • Supports built-in themes for enhancing appearance.

  • Supports printing the PDF document.

  • Supports responsive rendering while resizing the control/window.

  • Supports downloading the PDF document being displayed.

  • Compatible with all the modern browsers that provides support for HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript.