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27 Jan 20177 minutes to read

Keyboard Navigation

Supported Keyboard Interactions keys with its description are tabulated as follows

Interaction Keys Description
Alt + j Focus the Kanban
Insert Insert card in Kanban
Delete Delete card in Kanban
F2 Edit card in Kanban
Enter Save edited or added
Esc Cancel add or edit state
Home Go to first card
End Go to last card
Up arrow Move to up card selection
Down arrow Move to down card selection
Right arrow Move to right card selection
Left arrow Move to left card selection
Ctrl + UpArrow Collapse All swim lane groups
Ctrl + DownArrow Expand All swim lane groups
Alt + UpArrow Collapse selected swim lane
Alt + DownArrow Expand selected swim lane
Alt + LeftArrow Collapse selected column
Alt + RightArrow Expand selected column
Shift + UpArrow Multi Selection by Up Arrow
Shift + DownArrow Multi Selection by Down Arrow
Shift + LeftArrow Multi Selection by Left Arrow
Shift + RightArrow Multi Selection by Right Arrow