24 Nov 20161 minute to read

BulletGraphs are easy to interpret and also it conveys much more information to the user by visualizing the data in a small amount of space. It is generally used to compare a primary measure to one or more other measures in the context of qualitative ranges of performance. Occasionally, the BulletGraphs are also used to compare the same measure across multiple categories.

Key Features

  • Data sources: Bind the BulletGraph control with an array of JSON objects or ej.DataManager.
  • Tooltip with template: Template for tooltip support has been included to customize the tooltip.
  • FlowDirection: The control can be rendered either in a “forward” or “backward” direction.
  • Orientation: The control can be oriented either in “horizontal” or “Vertical” mode.
  • Binding Range Stroke to ticks and labels: The Range colors can be bound to its underlying ticks and labels when the properties “applyRangeStrokeToLabels” and “applyRangeStrokeToTicks” are enabled.
  • Multiple Measures: Provided support to render multiple feature measure bars as well as multiple comparative measure symbols.
  • Animation: Animation support provided for the feature measure bars and the comparative measure symbols.