The Essential ASP.NET MVCSplitter is a layout control that enables you to divide a Web page into distinct areas by inserting resizable panes. You can create any number of Splitter panes and place them inside the Splitter control; the split bars are inserted automatically in between the adjacent panes.

Key Features

  • Expand or Collapse Panes—Support for expanding or collapsing panes by using the Expand or Collapse arrows.
  • Animation—Supports for animating panes while expanding or collapsing the panes, and also setting the animation speed.
  • Window Resizing—Supports for resizing the Splitter while resizing the window.
  • RTL—Supports for right to left alignment of Splitter panes.
  • Themes—Essential ASP.NET MVC controls consist of 12 built-in themes (6 – flat and 6 – gradient effects), and also support custom skins that enable to set user-defined themes.