Essential Studio for ASP.NET MVC Release Notes

March 4, 2016


Bug Fixes

  • #150628 - Marker for radar chart is now visible on redraw.


Bug Fixes

  • #150339 - Fixed the exception, while setting “ShowLabels” to false in scales.


Bug Fixes

  • #149223 - Word documents with huge content are now converted to PDF without hang in a reasonable time.
  • #149496 - Word document layout options are now preserved properly in the generated DOCX document.
  • #149192 - Table border is now preserved properly while converting HTML to Word document.
  • #151035, #151119 - An item with the same key has already been added. exception is no longer thrown while Mail merging.
  • TextBefore and TextAfter properties of merge fields are now preserved properly.


Bug fixes

  • #150568 : Now the task bars color is applied properly when you set the color for a task bar in QueryTaskbarInfo event, after disabling the ShowTaskNames property dynamically.
  • #150396 : Issue in rendering Gantt with self-referential data source while setting PredecessorMapping value as null or empty string has been fixed.
  • #150640 : Issue with date calculation while providing date time in 24 hours format has been fixed.
  • #150358 : Issue while rendering Gantt without horizontal scroll bar in chart section has been fixed
  • #150188 : Now in add dialog, options for baseline start date and baseline end date fields will not appear, after disabling the RenderBaseline property dynamically.
  • #151189 : Issue with rendering Gantt while disabling ShowProgressStatus property, has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • #151362 - Dropdown will display properly, when editing the foreign key column with editParams in dropdown.
  • #150517 - Scroller is refreshed while adding a new row in empty Grid.
  • #150631 - Empty record row size is smaller than the other rows issue has been fixed.
  • #151305 - Exporting is working when after filtered with ForeignKey column.
  • #150769 - Provided Localization support for Grid Exporting.
  • #150838 - Custom filter keeps the Datepicker in en-US issue has been fixed.
  • #150692 - Tooltip is showing when enabled the ~EllipsisWithTooltip clip mode property in IE browser only.
  • #150598 - Misalignment in ~StackedHeader while column not in categories issue has been fixed.
  • #150596 - The edited row will not replaced by the next record after performing update operation with sorted columns in dialog edit mode.
  • #150054 - Now expandable scroller will move, when click the scroller for child Grid.
  • #149694 - Server side action is triggered once while performing update operation with sorted columns.
  • #150201 - Date column: server side filtering is working when filtering more than one column.
  • #148133 - Before hitting the actionFailure event, the editForm is closed issue has been fixed.

Breaking Changes

  • In Grid, the properties TemplateID and IsUnbound has been deprecated.



  • #147618 - Support to timestamp the existing PDF document is added.
  • Support for named destination is added.



  • #146109 - Defaults settings has been provided commonly to the button controls.

Breaking changes

  • AllowResizing property has been deprecated, instead IsResponsive property has been introduced.