Named Set

15 Feb 20191 minute to read

Named set is a multidimensional expression (MDX) that returns a set of dimension members, which can be created by combining cube data, arithmetic operators, numbers and functions.

Client Mode

You can bind the Named Sets in PivotGrid by setting it’s unique name in the FieldName property either in row or column axis and IsNamedSets Boolean property to “true”.

  • @Html.EJ().Pivot().PivotGrid("PivotGrid1").DataSource(dataSource => dataSource.Rows(rows => { rows.FieldName("[Date].[Fiscal]").Add(); }).Columns(columns => { columns.FieldName("[Core Product Group]").IsNamedSets(true).Add(); }).Values(values => { values.Measures(measures => { measures.FieldName("[Measures].[Internet Sales Amount]").Add(); }).Axis(AxisName.Column).Add(); }).Data("").Catalog("Adventure Works DW 2008 SE").Cube("Adventure Works"))

    NamedSet in ASP NET MVC pivot grid OLAP client mode

    Server Mode

    You can add Named Sets in the PivotGrid by using “NamedSetElement” Class in the OlapReport.

  • C#
  • OlapReport olapReport = new OlapReport();
    olapReport.Name = "Customer Report";
    olapReport.CurrentCubeName = "Adventure Works";
    DimensionElement dimensionElementRow = new DimensionElement();
    dimensionElementRow.Name = "Date";
    dimensionElementRow.AddLevel("Fiscal", "Fiscal Year");
    MeasureElements measureElementColumn = new MeasureElements();
    measureElementColumn.Elements.Add(new MeasureElement {
    Name = "Internet Sales Amount"
    NamedSetElement dimensionElementColumn = new NamedSetElement();
    dimensionElementColumn.Name = "Core Product Group";

    NamedSet in ASP NET MVC pivot grid OLAP server mode