Web Accessibility

28 Nov 20171 minute to read

Web Accessibility is achieved in Grid control through the Keyboard Navigation and WAI-ARIA Standard.

Keyboard Navigation

Supported Keyboard Interactions keys with its description are tabulated as follows.

Interaction Keys Description
Alt + j Focus the Grid
Insert Insert record in Grid
Delete Delete record in Grid
F2 Edit record in Grid
Enter Save edited or added
Esc Cancel add or edit state
PgDn Go to next Page
PgUp Go to previous Page
Ctrl +Alt +PgDn Go to last page
Ctrl + Alt + PgUp Go to first page
Alt + PgDown Go to next Pager
Alt + PgUp Go to previous Pager
Home Go to first cell
End Go to last cell
Ctrl + Home Go to first row
Ctrl + End Go to last row
Up arrow Move to up cell selection
Down arrow Move to down cell selection
Right arrow Move to right cell selection
Left arrow Move to left cell selection
Tab Go to next cell
Shift + tab Go to previous cell
Alt + DownArrow Expand selected group
Ctrl + DownArrow Expand All visible groups
Alt + UpArrow Collapse selected group
Ctrl + UpArrow Collapse All visible groups


This helps to enable better user interaction in ejGrid and uses the W3C’s Widget Design Patterns in the WAI specification and added customize attributes. Please find the list of ARIA attribute used in Grid.

  • grid (role)
  • row (role)
  • gridcell (role)
  • aria-selected (attribute)