4 Mar 20161 minute to read

The Accordion control is an interface where lists of items can be collapsed or expanded. It has several collapsible panels where only one/more can be expanded at a time that is useful for dashboards where space is limited. Each Accordion control has a template for its header and its content.

Key Features

  • Collapsible Header: All headers are collapsible.
  • AJAX Load: Load AJAX content in the Accordion content panel.
  • Icon Customization: Expand and collapse icons can be customized.
  • Custom Event for Expand Header: By default, Accordion panels can be expanded and collapsed on a single click. However, this action can be customized to occur on mouse-over or mouse-up through custom events.
  • Multiple Open: Multiple items can be expanded.
  • Auto Size: The content panel height can be predefined with values such as content, auto, and fill.
  • Theme: Essential ASP.NET MVC controls feature 13 built-in themes (six flat themes and six with gradient effects and a bootstrap theme), and also supports custom skin options to set user-defined themes.
  • RTL: Accordion headers and content text can display RTL languages.
  • Keyboard Navigation: You can expand and collapse panels using the keyboard.