Toolbox Configuration

3 Mar 20212 minutes to read

The Syncfusion Toolbox Installer utility adds the Syncfusion ASP.NET Web Forms controls into the Visual Studio .NET toolbox.


Toolbox configuration support is not available for the Visual Studio Express Edition. However, you can manually configure the Syncfusion controls into the Visual Studio Express Toolbox. To do so, refer the Manual Toolbox Configuration.

Syncfusion controls will be automatically configured in the Visual Studio toolbox, while installing the Syncfusion ASP.NET Web Forms installer, if the “Configure Syncfusion Controls in Visual Studio” checkbox is selected from installer UI.

Use the following steps to adds the Syncfusion ASP.NET Web Forms controls through the Syncfusion Toolbox Installer:

  1. To launch Toolbox configuration utility, follow either one of the options below:

    Option 1:
    Open the Syncfusion Control Panel, click Add On and Utilities > Toolbox Installer.

    Add On and Utilities

    Option 2:
    Click Syncfusion menu and choose Essential Studio for ASP.NET Web Forms (EJ1) > Toolbox Configuration… in Visual Studio

    Toolbox Installer via Syncfusion menu


    In Visual Studio 2019, Syncfusion menu is available under Extensions in Visual Studio menu.

  2. Toolbox Installer will be opened.

    Toolbox Installer

    The following options are available in Toolbox Configuration:

    • Install VS2005 – Configures Framework 2.0 Syncfusion controls in VS 2005 toolbox.
    • Install VS2008 – Configures Framework 3.5 Syncfusion controls in VS 2008 toolbox.
    • Install VS2010 – Configures Framework 4.0 Syncfusion controls in VS 2010 toolbox.
    • Install VS2012 – Configures Framework 4.5 Syncfusion controls in VS 2012 toolbox.
    • Install VS2013 – Configures Framework 4.5.1 Syncfusion controls in VS 2013 toolbox.
    • Install VS2015 – Configures Framework 4.6 Syncfusion controls in VS 2015 toolbox.
    • Install VS2017 – Configures Framework 4.6 Syncfusion controls in VS 2017 toolbox.
    • Install VS2019 – Configures Framework 4.6 Syncfusion controls in VS 2019 toolbox


    You can also configure Syncfusion controls from a lower version Framework assembly to higher version of Visual Studio.

  3. An Information message is displayed indicating the successful configuration of Toolbox. Click OK.

    Toolbox Installer


    • You must reset the toolbox, when the installed controls are not reflected properly in the Toolbox. * This tool configures only the controls that are located under {Installed Location}\Assemblies{Framework version}.