14 Feb 20171 minute to read

The Essential ASP.NET Scroller control has a sliding document whose position corresponds to a value. The document has text, HTML content or images. You can also customize the Scroller control by resizing the scrolling bar and changing the theme.

Key Features

  • Height and Width: Set the height and width of the scroll panel.
  • Button Size: Customize the width and height of the buttons (UP, DOWN, RIGHT and LEFT).
  • Scroller Size: Customize the scrollbar width and height.
  • Step Increment: Set the number of pixels to be moved on pressing the ARROW key.
  • RTL Support: Sets the alignment of the horizontal Scroller to the right, the reading order to right-to-left and the layout of the control to flow from right to left.
  • Theme: Essential JavaScript controls consists of 13 built in themes (6 – flat, 6 – gradient effects and a bootstrap theme), and also supports custom skins to set user-defined themes.