Essential Studio for ASP.NET Release Notes

February 12, 2016


Bug Fixes

  • #150616 - Doughnut chart is now rendering properly for single point.
  • #149923 - Tooltip will work even while panning is enabled.
  • #148420, #149816 - AxesLabelRendering event is now working properly.
  • #149936 - DataLabel text, now working properly when changing the axis range through set model.
  • #149756 - PointRegionClick event will not trigger when clicking the reset button.



  • #148880 - Support to set the relative/absolute position for the port has been implemented.
  • #149275 - Support to draw polygon points dynamically using polygon tool has been implemented.


Bug Fixes

  • #148757 - List restart numbering is now preserved properly in the generated DOCX document.
  • #148656 - Font properties preservation issue while converting HTML to Word document has been fixed.
  • #149126 - Hyperlink is now preserved properly while opening RTF document.
  • #149172 - Header and Footer is now preserved properly while converting Word document to HTML.
  • #149314 - Argument out of range exception is no longer thrown while saving the Word document.
  • #150546 - MergeField event is now triggered properly while Mail merging.
  • #148551 - Null reference exception is no longer thrown while converting Word document to PDF.
  • #150145 - No duplicate entry of heading text is added to the updated Table of Contents.
  • #150567 - Hyperlink preservation issue while converting Word document to PDF has been fixed.
  • No extra empty paragraph is preserved now at the end of Word document.
  • Object reference exception is no longer thrown while converting RTF to Word document.
  • An item with same key has been already added exception is no longer thrown while opening the Word document with duplicate list styles.
  • An item with same key has been already added exception is no longer thrown while opening the Word document with duplicate character styles.



  • #149724 - Now you can provide any custom color for milestones.
  • #150068 - Now in QueryTaskbarInfo event, new event arguments have been implemented to provide support for taskbar border color, parent taskbar border color, progress bar border color, parent progress bar border color, baseline color and taskbar foreground color.

Bug fixes

  • #149895 - Issue with day header format in week schedule mode has been fixed, now we can provide any standard day header format.
  • #149731 - Issue with calculating incorrect end date for taskbars while setting holidays has been fixed.
  • #149885 - Issue in rendering task names along with taskbars, when schedule start date is greater than taskbar start date, has been fixed.
  • #149441 - Overlapping issue with longer task names with taskbars and resource names has been fixed.
  • #149154 - Issue when providing datetime for taskbars with seconds in hour-minute schedule mode has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • #148989 - While externally ~export Grid, the Group caption is not shown in exported document.
  • #149864 - ~Pager in Grid automatically refreshed to the first page when using ~OnServerRecordClick event.

Breaking Changes

  • In ejGrid, now the empty row will be prevented from saving and internal validation message will be thrown. At least one value must be provided to save the record.


Bug Fixes

  • #149972 - Issue with loading view state of map control has been fixed.

Predictive Analytics


* Added support for PMML files generated by SAS for the following models:

  • Association Rules
  • Clustering model
  • Neural network model
  • Regression model
  • Tree model

* Added support to provide input data as “ExpandoObject” and “Dictionary” object in GetResult() method.

* Added support to provide input PMML file as “TextReader” object for PMML Evaluator.

* Added support to perform PMML Schema validation on input PMML.

* Tree model result returns “Predicted node” and “path” ID with predicted result.

* Association rules model result returns “Confidence” value.


Bug Fixes

  • Not supported exception is no longer thrown while cloning a PowerPoint presentation with charts.



  • #149050 - Tooltip support provided for expand/collapse button.
  • #149979 - Localization support provided for Ribbon.


###Bug fixes

  • #150090- Now executeCommand with insertHTML command doesn’t replace the previous element in IE browsers.


Bug Fixes

  • #150560 - All the appointments in Schedule are exported in PDF correctly.
  • #149296 - Schedule is rendering fine, when we define only the clientId property in sample side.


Bug Fixes

  • #149849 - Provides the support to add the nodes with image(using ImageUrl/SpriteCssClass) from server side