Server-side events

1 Oct 20151 minute to read

Event Name Description Parameters
OnChange Event is triggered, when the rating value changes. (Object Sender, RatingEventArgs e)
e.Value - value of the Rating control

The following step explains you how to define server side event for Rating control.

In an ASPX page, define the Rating control.

<div id="container" style="border: 1px solid black; width: 300px; padding: 2px">



            <td valign="top">Rating:



                <ej:Rating ID="Rating1" Value="4" Precision="Exact" OnChange="Rating1_Change" runat="server"></ej:Rating>




</ div >
protected void Rating1_Change(object sender, Syncfusion.JavaScript.Web.RatingEventArgs e)


            //e.Value -returns the value of the Rating