Server Side Events

3 May 20171 minute to read

The server side event present in the Dialog control is as follows.

Event Name Description Arguments
OnComplete Triggered when the value defined in progress bar sets completely.
  • e.Value - Value of the Progressbar.
  • e.EventType - Event Name
  • e.Arguments - Contain keys and value of Progressbar.

In an ASPX page, add the ProgressBar control with OnComplete server side event as shown in the following code example.

  • HTML
  • <ej:ProgressBar ID="progressbar" runat="server" OnComplete="onComplete" Value="70" Text="70 %"  Height="20" Width="500">

    In the code behind define the action to be performed.

  • C#
  • protected void onComplete(object Sender, EventArgs e)
         Response.Write("Server side event has been triggered");