Server Side Events

The server side event present in the Dialog control is as follows.

Event Name Description Arguments
OnComplete Triggered when the value defined in progress bar sets completely.
  • e.Value - Value of the Progressbar.
  • e.EventType - Event Name
  • e.Arguments - Contain keys and value of Progressbar.

In an ASPX page, add the ProgressBar control with OnComplete server side event as shown in the following code example.

  • html
  • <ej:ProgressBar ID="progressbar" runat="server" OnComplete="onComplete" Value="70" Text="70 %"  Height="20" Width="500">

    In the code behind define the action to be performed.

  • c#
  • protected void onComplete(object Sender, EventArgs e)
         Response.Write("Server side event has been triggered");