22 Jun 20201 minute to read

The Menu control supports displaying a Menu created from list items. The Menu is based on a hierarchy of UL and LI elements where the list items are rendered as sub-menu items.

Key Features

UL/LI template: Requires only UL and LI list of items as input.
Orientation: Vertical and horizontal orientation support.
Context menu: A Menu that is displayed wherever you right-click on the page or on the control.
Keyboard shortcuts: Allows easy access to Menu items through shortcut keys.
Data binding: Supports data binding Menu items as remote or local data.
Theme: Essential JavaScript controls feature 12 built-in themes, six flat and six with gradient effects, and also supports custom skin options for user-defined themes.
Keyboard navigation: You can interact with the Menu control by using the keyboard.
RTL support: This feature allows text in Menu items to be displayed from right to left.
Center Menu: This feature allows you to center-align root Menu items.
Separators and open-on-click support.