AngularJS Support

5 Sep 20172 minutes to read

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework added to a HTML page with a 

Apply the plugin and property assigning the Map element through the directive that starts with the letter “e-“.  The following code illustrates how to bind data to the Map component through Angular support.

  • HTML
  • <div ng-controller="MapController"> 
           <div id="AngularMap" style="width:700px;height:400px" ej-map e-zoomsettings-enablezoom="enableZoom">
              <div e-layers>
                  <div e-layer e-shapedata="shapeData" e-shapesettings-fill="nfill" e-shapesettings-strokethickness="strokeThickness" e-shapesettings-stroke="stroke" >
               Shape Color:  <input type="text" id="Text11" ng-model="fill" style="width: 110px">
       angular.module('SyncApp', ['ejangular'])
                   .controller('MapController', function ($scope) {                  
                       $scope.enableZoom = true,                                    
                       $scope.shapeData = world_map;            
                       $scope.fill = "#4E7EC4";
                       $scope.strokeThickness = "0.5";
                       $scope.stroke = "white";                               

    AngularJS Support Map