Server Side Events

5 Jan 20181 minute to read

The following server side event is available in GroupButton control.


Event Description

Argument Details

OnItemSelect Triggers when the Groupbutton items are clicked. Event Argument contains parameters are .Status – Status of GroupButton.e.EventType – Event Name. Arguments – Contain keys and values for Status of Groupbutton Items.

In the ASPX page, add the GroupButton control to add GroupButton events.

  • HTML
  • <%--Add serverside event for Groupbutton control as follows--%>
    <ej:GroupButton ID="server_events" runat="server" OnItemSelect="server_events_ItemSelect">
    <ej:GroupButtonItem Text="Item1"></ej:GroupButtonItem>
    <ej:GroupButtonItem Text="Item2" ></ej:GroupButtonItem>
    <ej:GroupButtonItem Text="Item3"></ej:GroupButtonItem>

    The code Define Button_Click server side event in behind.

  • C#
  • protected void server_events_ItemSelect(object sender, Syncfusion.JavaScript.Web.GroupButtonEventArgs e)
    //e.Status – Status of Button
    //e.EventType – Event Name
    //e.Argument – Contain keys and values for Status, Selected, Index

    How to access the currently selected item

    The server model of currently selected item can be accessed by using event arguments available in postback event.

    The event Argument e.Arguments in Postback event contains the following key value pairs.

    Index Key value Pairs
    [0] {[id, s1]}
    [1] {[selected, true]}
    [2] {[disabled, false]}
    [3] {[index, 0]}

    Using the above index value, the Server model of currently selected item can be accessed as given below.

  • C#
  • // Grp_btn --> Groupbutton ID  
      // Grp_btn.Items  --> Refers to individual items  
      // e.Arguments["index"] --> Refers to currently selected item index  
      string itemtext = Grp_btn.Items[(int)e.Arguments["index"]].Text;