DateRangePicker, has built in support with Localization so that you can make use of culture specified DateRangePicker component with your application using locale API,

More than 350 culture specific files are available to localize the date. To know more about EJ globalize support, please refer the below link

Also we have added Localized text files to DateRangePicker for 28 standard culture in below GitHub location,

Setting different culture to control

By setting another culture other than English we need to set using locale API like below code example.

  • HTML
  • <ej:DateRangePicker ID="dateRange" runat="server" Locale="zh-CN"></ej:DateRangePicker>

    Also it is necessary to add the corresponding culture file with application and it should be referred after the ej.web.all.min.js file reference.

       <script src=""></script>

    Then, add Localized text for including localization content.

    To get the localized text, it is necessary to add localized text file which is given below,

       <script src=""></script>

    Or else you can also set the localized text as your own like given in below code example. Adding localization content will make the DateRangePicker completely localized.

  • JS
  • ej.DateRangePicker.Locale['zh-CN'] = {
                ButtonText: {
                            apply: "应用",
                            cancel: "取消",
                            reset: "重启"
                        watermarkText: "选择范围"

    Please find sample for your reference.