Server side events

EJWEB DatePicker control supports the Server side events too. This allows you to configure the DatePicker functionality in code-behind also. Please refer the below code, to use the server side events of EJWEB DatePicker

  • HTML
  • <ej:DatePicker ID="datePicker" OnSelect="datePicker_Select" runat="server">
  • CS
  • protected void datePicker_Select(object sender, Syncfusion.JavaScript.Web.DatePickerSelectEventArgs e)
                // write your custom code here

    Please refer the below table to know more about the available server side events and its arguments in EJWEB DatePicker

    Event Event Description Event Description
    OnSelect Occurs when selecting the Date in the DatePicker. Event Argument contains the following parameters,
    • e.EventType – Event Name.
    • e.isSpecialDay – Returns the boolean value for the selected date whether special day or not.
    • e.PreviousDate – Holds the previously selected value.
    • e.Value – Holds current selected date value.
    • e.Arguments – Contains keys and values for event args.