5 Mar 20191 minute to read

The AutoComplete control is a textbox control that provides a list of suggestions based on your query. When you enter text into the text box, the control performs a search operation and provides a list of results. There are several filter types available to perform the search.

Key Features

  • Delimiter: Supports search for multiple words by using a delimiter symbol.
  • Suggestion box customization: Supports customization of the suggestion box height and width, and also limits the suggestion list size.
  • minCharacter: Sets the minimum number of characters required to perform the search.
  • Filter Types: Supports various search filters with case sensitivity.
  • Watermark: Supports custom watermark text.
  • Data binding: Supports data binding with JSON data and remote data.
  • Template: Supports templates for the suggestion list content.
  • Highlight search: Supports highlighting the typed text in the suggestion list.
  • Auto fill: Allows the control to automatically select the first suggested item.
  • Keyboard navigation: Supports using the keyboard to focus on the control, navigate through the suggestion results, and select a value.
  • RTL: Supports displaying the text box and suggestion list from right to left.
  • Themes: The AutoComplete control features 13 built-in themes (six flat, six with gradient effects and a bootstrap theme), and also supports custom skin options for user defined themes.