Find and Replace

18 Apr 20171 minute to read

RTE provides find and replace support, which is used to search for a keyword in RTE content and replace the matched keyword with a specified text. In order to use it, we have to enable the find and replace item in the editor toolbar (or) Press CTRL+F key.

  • @{
    List<String> toolsList = new List<string>() { "edit" };
    List<String> find = new List<string>() { "findAndReplace" };
    <ej-rte id="rteSample" tools-list="toolsList" width="820px">
                The Rich Text Editor(RTE) control is an easy to render in client side. Customer easy to edit the contents
                and get the HTML content for the displayed content. A rich text editor control provides
                users with a toolbar that helps them to apply rich text formats to the text entered
                in the text area.
        <e-tools edit="find"></e-tools>
    • Find and Replace action should happen in a following sequence:

      Find => Replace (or) Replace All.

    Action Descriptions
    Find Finds a keyword matches with the editor consist of following filters. * Match Case. * Whole Word.
    Replace Replaces the particular selected match with the specified text.
    ReplaceAll Replaces the entire matches with the specified text.


    Before performing the Replace/ReplaceAll action, we must do the find action to validate the match’s availability.