Essential Studio for ASP.NET Core Release Notes

September 29, 2022



  • Wavy, wavy heavy, wavy double, and double underline styles render as they are in the input Word document during Word to PDF conversion.



  • #F175439 – Provided support to enable LTV from time stamp server URI.
  • #F176704 – Provided support to get specific revocation status with signature validation options.

Breaking Changes

  • By default, the HTML to PDF converter uses the advanced Chromium blink rendering engine to convert HTML to PDF.
  • IE and WebKit rendering engines are marked as obsolete. WebKit and IE-based HTML to PDF converter NuGet packages are marked as deprecated.
  • A warning message will now be added to the PDF document while converting HTML to PDF using the WebKit rendering engine. You can remove it using a DisableWebKitWarning property.
  • Updated the Newtonsoft.Json package to 13.0.1 for HTML to PDF converter to avoid security vulnerabilities.
  • Modified NuGet package names for HTML to PDF converter; please find the equivalent new package names for the old packages.
Old NuGet Package Name New NuGet Package Name
Syncfusion.HtmlToPdfConverter.Blink.Net.Core.Linux Syncfusion.HtmlToPdfConverter.Net.Linux
Syncfusion.HtmlToPdfConverter.Blink.Net.Core.Windows Syncfusion.HtmlToPdfConverter.Net.Windows
Syncfusion.HtmlToPdfConverter.Blink.Net.Core.Mac Syncfusion.HtmlToPdfConverter.Net.Mac
Syncfusion.HtmlToPdfConverter.Blink.Net.Core.Aws Syncfusion.HtmlToPdfConverter.Net.Aws
Syncfusion.HtmlToPdfConverter.Blink.WinForms Syncfusion.HtmlToPdfConverter.WinForms
Syncfusion.HtmlToPdfConverter.Blink.WPF Syncfusion.HtmlToPdfConverter.WPF
Syncfusion.HtmlToPdfConverter.Blink.AspNet Syncfusion.HtmlToPdfConverter.AspNet
Syncfusion.HtmlToPdfConverter.Blink.AspNet.Mvc5 Syncfusion.HtmlToPdfConverter.AspNet.Mvc5

Bug Fixes

  • #I401102 – Invalid annotation export generated JSON format is now resolved.
  • #I389626 - Form field values are now preserved properly when the font embedded with the string PS/PMST value.
  • #I403467 – The bookmark mapping issue while merging PDF documents is now resolved.
  • #I397797 - The space between text missing issue is now resolved when extracting the text from PDF.
  • #I397908 – Conformance failure is now resolved while converting PDF to PDF/A-1b.
  • #I397566 - Text is now correctly preserved while exporting PDF as an image using ImageExportSettings.
  • #I397189 - Preservation issue no longer occurs while converting the PDF to PDF/A1-b and PDF/A2-b document.
  • #I375314 – KeyNotFoundException no longer occurs while OCRing the particular PDF document.
  • #394556 – Form field bounds are now appropriately set while modifying the existing pdf document.
  • #I386200 – PDF/A3-b Conformance failure is now resolved for a particular PDF document.
  • #I403717 - Replace Image is now working properly for specific PDF documents.
  • #F176704 - The revocation error message is now updated correctly.
  • #I401014 - Exception occurs while flatting the particular document after adding the checkbox field is now resolved.
  • #I397274, #I401301 - Exception no longer occurs when getting fonts details from free text annotation in an existing PDF document.
  • #I394699 - Exception no longer occurs when drawing a nested grid using page graphics with pagination content.
  • #I398528 – Annotation is no longer misplaced after flattening the annotation from the existing PDF document.
  • #F176704 – Signature validation returns incorrect results for a particular signed PDF document is now resolved.
  • #I397452 - The PDF string layout now shows a proper layout of the text with an incorrect size.
  • #I395927 - Form Fields and their values are now preserved correctly after merging a PDF document.
  • #F176582 – Exception no longer occurs while saving the document by enabling EnableXfaFormFill.
  • #I395541 – Exception no longer occurs when getting the border value from loaded square annotation.
  • #I388926 - The digital signature failed issue no longer occurs while getting page layer count from a signed PDF document.
  • #I379333 - Annotation comments are missing after export and import annotation with XFDF format is now resolved.
  • #I400803 - Index out of bounds exception no longer occurs while extracting the text with TextLineCollection in NET Core.



  • #I274283 - Preserve structure tags in converted PDF documents for accessibility (PDF/UA or 508 compliance) support.



  • #I372558 - Provided support to draw inside horizontal and vertical borders in a worksheet range.
  • #F172476 - Provided support to import HTML table with formulas into Excel worksheet.

Breaking Changes

  • #I372558 - InsideHorizontal and InsideVertical options are included in ExcelBordersIndex enumeration to support inside horzontal and vertical borders in a worksheet range.
  • #F172476 - New enumeration overload HTMLImportOptions with Default and DetectFormulas options is included in ImportHTMLTable method of IWorksheet interface to import html table with formuals into Excel worksheet.