Essential Studio for ASP.NET Core Release Notes

April 4, 2022



  • #I131175, #I195343, #I199221, #I323836, #I333914, #I343475, #I358626 - Provided support for preserving picture fill in DOCX to PDF conversion.
  • #I341225 - Provided an API to link paragraph and character styles in a Word document.

Breaking Changes

  • The default XHTML validation type is changed from XHTMLValidation.Transitional to XHTMLValidation.None while importing a HTML file.



  • #I347226, #I345255 - Provided Aria accessibility with keyboard support for pager component.



  • #I259782, #I308276 - Added support for importing and exporting annotations with appearance.
  • #F169363 – Added Support for embedding the non-embedded font in an existing pdf document.
  • #I361251 - Added support for converting the PDF/A conformance document to a normal PDF document.
  • #I362189 - Added support to get annotation type and creation date directly from PdfLoadedAnnotation instance.
  • #I358952 - Improved the performance of Annotation flattening by 30 times faster.
  • Improved the performance of PDF to PDF/A conversion by 2.5 times faster than before.
  • Added support for setting base URL for PDF document.

Breaking Changes

  • Starting with v20.1.0.x, if you reference Syncfusion HTML converter assemblies from trial setup or from the NuGet feed, include a license key in your projects. Refer to this link for generating and registering a Syncfusion license key in your application to use the components without a trail message.


No Changes for this product in this version.



  • Provided support for new functions such as XLOOKUP, VALUETOTEXT, ARRAYTOTEXT, XMATCH, and LET.

Bug Fixes

  • #I366365 - The default space maintained between cell border and cell text is now rendered properly in Excel to PDF conversion.