Essential Studio for ASP.NET Core Release Notes

February 5, 2019


Breaking Changes

  • Visual Studio 2017 and Visual Studio 2019 Preview 2 installed machine, Syncfusion extensions will not be configured in Visual Studio 2017. Refer this documentation to configure the extensions manually.



  • #217407 - Improved filtering by providing option to include diacritic characters with suggestion list of AutoComplete control.


Breaking Changes

  • #224998 - At initial time of FileExplorer rendering, if you specify selectedItems or selectedFolder API, select event will not be triggered hereafter. On UI interaction or when dynamically changing the above property values, select event will be triggered.


Bug Fixes

  • #223283 - Issue in parent task progress calculation has been fixed.
  • #223906 - The initial load performance has been improved for long duration tasks mapped with duration and start date values.
  • #225368 - Issue with initial load task dependency validations has been fixed.

Bug Fixes

  • #224987 - Menu locale throws console error when using RequireJS issue has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • #224603 - The null reference exception will no longer occur when merging certain PDF documents.
  • #141148 - Tool tip is now preserving properly for PdfSignatureField.
  • #224531 - The null reference exception will no longer occur while saving the merged PDF document.
  • #223013 - The radio button field state is now importing properly from XFDF document.
  • #222779 - Attachment is now opening properly from the merged PDF document.
  • #222024, #224795 - The null reference exception will no longer occur when saving the PDF document.
  • #221122 - PDF security is now preserving properly when saving the PDF document twice.
  • #217591 - Font is now preserving properly in the flattened PDF document.
  • #221424 - The Brush property of the PdfPen is now initialized through the constructor.
  • #219569 - The “Arithmetic overflow exception” will no longer occur while signing the PDF document.
  • #222059 - All hidden layers are now printing properly when saving and loading the PDF document.
  • #221328 - Performance has been improved when saving the uncorrupted PDF document.


Bug Fixes

  • #224226 - Application will no more hang while adding an image to a PowerPoint slide.
  • #225390 - PowerPoint file will no longer get corrupted while resaving multiple times with charts.
  • #222440 - Notes in a PowerPoint slide can now be cloned and added to another slide.



  • #222076 - Provided InScope expression support for data region and its group elements.
  • #185159 - Provided support to use object functions in code modules.

Bug Fixes

  • #221279 - Applying transparent color for Tablix header cell content and background while exporting to PDF and Word export through the web ReportDesigner has been resolved.
  • #219805 - Now, excel sheet names with Unicode characters will export properly.
  • #221279 - Textbox report item height not updated problem based on line feed elements has been resolved.
  • #220969 - Resolved additional space problem in Excel export when the KeepWithGroup Before option is enabled in the Tablix report item.
  • #221556 - Now, report with Globals.PageName built-in collection can be exported directly through the ReportWriter.
  • #222390 - Resolved built-in collection Globals.PageNumber text run right alignment problem in PDF export.
  • #222198 - Dependent parameter value will update properly in rendering layout after clicking the view report.
  • #222840 - Now, tablix grouping column width will update properly in Excel export.
  • #219541 - Chart data label angle specified for line chart will display properly in the ReportViewer.
  • #222840 - Resolved the sheet name duplication problem when the sheet is named based on group in Excel export.
  • #223992 - Resolved the problem in initial preview and printing of Azure environment reports.


Bug fixes

  • #223779 - Change event triggers just for focus in with edge browser issue has been fixed.
  • #221308 - Height not updated with RTE Edit Table properties for selected rows in table issue has been fixed.
  • #223029 - Indent is not applied correctly with ordered and unordered list issue has been fixed.



  • Provided import/export support for charts with Trendlines.
  • Provided support to highlight the invalid data while updating the value in validation applied cells.


Breaking Changes

  • #222797 - AutoDetectComplexScript has been added in XlsIORendererSettings class to support complex script rendering in Excel to PDF conversion

Bug Fixes

  • #223667 - Exception no more thrown if chart’s data range column is deleted.
  • #225065 - Currency number format is now properly detected in XlsIO generated Excel File.
  • #224023 - Exception thrown while opening an XlsIO re-saved document with group shape is resolved.
  • #223946 - Conditional format is now preserved properly while saving the workbook multiple times.
  • #223839 - Infinite recursive loop on saving an Excel file after modifying chart data range with the improper series indices is resolved.
  • #224024 - Not implemented exception thrown while opening an Excel document external formula range in check box is fixed.
  • #223448 - Pivot table field settings are properly preserved on re-saving the Excel file.
  • #223167 - Custom time format [h]:mm:ss is now detected automatically.
  • #223376 - Exception occurs while saving Excel document with OLE object is resolved.
  • #223226 - NullReferenceException thrown while resaving an Excel file to HTML is fixed.
  • #223041 - Data validation formula is preserved proper while saving as XML.
  • #221229 - Issue with pivot field values due to improper pivot field data format, is resolved.
  • #214445 - Table.Refresh() is now working proper with ODBC connection.
  • #223918 - Conditional format is now preserved properly on converting Excel document to PDF.
  • #223859 - Hyperlink is now set properly in Excel to PDF conversion.
  • #221079 - Exception thrown if print-title row height is higher in Excel to PDF conversion, is fixed.
  • #221693 - Parameter invalid exception thrown while converting Excel document into PDF is fixed.
  • #222797 - Incorrect Thai font in Excel to PDF conversion is fixed.
  • #F141101 - Issue with incorrect parsing of comment is resolved.
  • Issue with Conditional formatting operator type is incorrect in re-saved Excel document is fixed.
  • Setting a table column header name no longer corrupts the Excel.
  • DataBar color is now applied proper for negative values.
  • External formula is applied proper in NET Standard.