Localization in ASP.NET Core PivotTreeMap Control

23 Mar 20212 minutes to read

Localization and globalization of cube info (client mode)

The content displayed within the pivot tree map control is obtained from the OLAP cube.

  • To get localized data from OLAP cube, set the “Locale Identifier” in the connection string to a specific culture in the “data” property present in the “e-data-source”.
  • JS
  • //1036 refers to “fr-FR” culture.
    <ej-pivot-treemap id="PivotTreeMap1">
        <e-data-source catalog="Adventure Works DW 2008 SE" cube="Adventure Works" data="//bi.syncfusion.com/olap/msmdpump.dll">
                <e-row-field field-name="[Core Product Group]" is-named-sets="true"></e-row-field>
                <e-column-field field-name="[Customer].[Customer Geography]"></e-column-field>
                <e-value-field axis="Column">
                        <e-measure-items field-name="[Measures].[Customer Count]"></e-measure-items>
    <ej:PivotTreeMap ID="PivotTreeMap1" runat="server" IsResponsive="true" ClientIDMode="Static">
      <DataSource Catalog="Adventure Works DW 2008 SE" Cube="Adventure Works" Data="http://bi.syncfusion.com/olap/msmdpump.dll; Locale Identifier=1036;">

    Localization in ASP NET Core pivot tree map control