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27 Sep 20181 minute to read

Use Normal Textboxes as Syncfusion textboxes

In an application or a web page, you may use normal textboxes along with other Syncfusion components, since there is no separate Essential JavaScript plugin for textboxes.

So, you may want to make a normal textbox to look like Syncfusion textbox in order to achieve uniform look and appearance in your web page.

This can be achieved by adding “e-textbox” class to the HTML element.

By adding this class, the textbox will have standard look and appearance as other components for all the themes supported by Syncfusion.

  • HTML
  • <input type="text" class="e-textbox" value="This is a normal Textbox"/>

    Textbox will be rendered as shown below.

    Normal textbox as Syncfusion textbox