Virtual Scrolling

20 Feb 20181 minute to read

Virtual Scrolling is introduced to provide support for loading files and folders on demand in order to improve performance in FileExplorer when large amount of files are present.

Virtual Scrolling can be enabled by using VirtualItemCount API. It specifies the total files to be loaded initially, and on each scroll the next set of files are loaded. For eg- If VirtualItemCount value is given as ”20”, then 20 items are loaded initially and on each scroll the next/previous 20 items are loaded. If the value of VirtualItemCount is 0, virtual scrolling will be disabled.


Default value of VirtualItemCount is 0.

  • <ej-file-explorer id="file" path="wwwroot/images/FileExplorer" ajax-action="@Url.Content("FileActionDefault")" virtual-item-count="40">
            <e-download url="/FileExplorer/Download{0}"></e-download>
            <e-get-image url="/FileExplorer/GetImage{0}"></e-get-image>
            <e-upload url="/FileExplorer/Upload{0}"></e-upload>