State Persistence

You can sustain the entire widget model of EJMVC DatePicker even after form post or browser refresh by using EnablePersistence property. So the entire model values such as

  • Selected date
  • Highlighted date
  • Start and depth level

are stored in local storage / cookies of browser before page refreshes and reinitialized with the restored model after refresh.

  • cshtml
  • /*ej-Tag Helper code to render DatePicker*/
        @*persists the DatePicker model*@
        <ej-date-picker id="datepick" enable-persistence="true"></ej-date-picker>
  • cshtml
  • /*Razor code to render DatePicker*/
         @{Html.EJ().DatePicker("datepick").EnablePersistence(true).Render(); }


    To render the DatePicker Control you can use either Razor or Tag helper code as given in the above code snippet.