28 Jun 20171 minute to read

Essential TreeMap for Angular JS is ideal for visualizing large amounts of data. TreeMap holds a set of nested nodes to display hierarchical data. Each nested node may contain sub-nodes containing area proportional to a specified data value bounded. Color and annotation can be used to provide extra information about the leaf nodes. EssentialTreeMap is a perfect solution for developers looking to add advanced, feature rich Treemap to their applications.

Key Features

  • Levels - TreeMap levels are used to define levels of various flat data and hierarchical data collection.
  • Layout - Layouts such as Squarified, SliceAndDiceAuto, SliceAndDiceHorizontal and SliceAndDiceVertical determines the visual representation of nodes belonging to all the treemap levels in TreeMap.
  • Visualization for Colors - Easy customization options is provided to customize the colors of the leaf nodes of TreeMap.

Use Case Scenarios

TreeMap is used to represent large or complex data sets in various applications, such as:

  • Stock market analysis where the weight of each stock in the index is represented by the size of the rectangle and its range of loss or gain is represented by the color of the rectangle.
  • Visualizing Internet usage in certain categories, such as retail, social networks, and search.
  • Categorizing the news aggregated by Google News where the colors represent different sections, such as business or politics, and the size of the boxes represent how many similar stories also appear in Google News.
  • Indicating weather report analysis around the world. The opacity of each rectangle can differ based on its humidity.