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The appearance of the Sunburst Chart can be customized as shown below


The Sunburst Chart displays different segments in different colors by default. You can customize the color of each segment by providing a custom color palette of your choice by using the e-palette property.

  • JS
  • <html xmlns="" lang="en" ng-app="SunburstChartApp">
            <title>Essential Studio for AngularJS: Chart</title>
            <!--CSS and Script file References -->
        <body ng-controller="SunburstChartCtrl">
            <div id="container" ej-sunburstchart e-palette="palette">
                    angular.module('SunburstChartApp', ['ejangular'])
                    .controller('SunburstChartCtrl', function ($scope) {
                          $scope.palette=["#002e4d", "#005c99", "#008ae6", "#33adff", "#80ccff"];

    The Sunburst Chart rendered with palette colors

    Built- in Themes

    The Sunburst Chart supports different themes.

    • flat-light
    • flat-dark
    • gradient-light
    • gradient-dark
    • azure
    • azure-dark
    • lime
    • lime-dark
    • saffron
    • saffron-dark
    • gradient-azure
    • gradient-azure-dark
    • gradient-lime
    • gradient-lime-dark
    • gradient-saffron
    • gradient-saffron-dark

    You can set your desired theme by using the e-theme property. Flat light is the default theme used in the Sunburst Chart.

  • JS
  • <div id="container" ej-sunburstchart e-theme="flatdark" >