Essential Studio for AngularJS Release Notes

March 29,2018


Bug fixes

  • #196980 - Assigning the interval in dateTimeCategory axis is now working properly.
  • #197819 - Now, tooltip will be rendered properly for table elements.
  • #199607 - Now, zoom toolkit will be rendered properly while refreshing the chart.
  • #198412, 201293 - Now, chart will be rendered by using element’s both id and class names.
  • #199302 - Data labels are now working properly without colliding each other in the accumulation series.
  • #197482 - Dynamic update for chart’s dataSource is now working properly.


Breaking changes

  • Revamped the timezone functionality to update the appointments in DB with zero UTC and also to fetch and render the appointments in proper duration. Regarding this, the existing users need to make two specific changes from their application end –
    a. Explicitly converting the start and end time of appointments to universal time before updating to database.
    b. Also, converting start and end time to local time during appointments fetch up from database and assigning to Schedule dataSource.