Essential Studio for AngularJS Release Notes

November 10,2107



  • Essential Studio for JavaScript components are now compatible with the latest version of jQuery 3.2.1

Bug Fixes

  • #188519 - While performing search in ejGrid, data not bound to column-template component. (e.g ejDropDownList with dataSource property).

    ejComboBox preview

The ComboBox component allows the user to type a value or choose an option from the list of predefined options. When an arrow icon accompanied with this component is pressed, the dropdown displays a list of values, from which the user can select one.


  • Data binding - Allows binding and accessing the list of items from local or server-side data source.
  • Grouping - Supports grouping of logically related items under a single or specific category.
  • Sorting - Supports sorting of list items in an alphabetical order (either ascending or descending).
  • Filtering - Allows filtering of list items based on a character typed in the component.
  • Templates - Allows customizing the list items, selected value, header, footer,category group header, and no records content.
  • Accessibility - Provided with built-in accessibility support that helps to access all the ComboBox component features through the keyboard, screen readers, or other assistive technology devices.



  • #182124, #185678, #182077 - Feature that provides IN and NotIN filter operations for specifying multiple values in a WHERE filter.

  • #173861, #172869, #128852 - The anti-forgery token can be used to help protect the application against cross-site request forgery. It Generates a hidden form field (anti-forgery token) that is validated when the form is submitted



  • Provided search indices support for multicolumn pop-up, display format and search fields in the multicolumn autocomplete control can now be differentiated.


Bug Fixes

  • #186801 - Color properties (majorGridLines color, majorTickLines color, and labels color) in primaryXAxis are now working properly.
  • #185473 - Annotations are now rendering properly, even if we did not specify ID to the chart container.



  • #182618,#183488,#169704,#183577- DropDownList now supports server side filtering. The server filtering is to perform filter action when text is typed in the search box and filtering will be done based on the collection which contains the matched item from entire data source. Server filtering will be done based on the entire items in data source.



  • Provided the feature for selecting the files using area selection (mouse drag-select event).
  • #187589 - Provided option to customize the file replace alert text.
  • #183000 - Improved FileExplorer performance while loading more than 1000 files.
  • #188124 - Provided “beforeUploadDialogOpen” event for customizing the upload dialog content of FileExplorer.



  • The add current selection to filter check box is now displayed while filtering, allowing users to add the currently selected or cleared check box list data along with already-filtered data in the grid.
  • Added the between operator option in menu filter for filtering grid records based on the specified range.
  • Provided support to export the grid with the details template in Excel, PDF, and Word file formats.
  • Support has been provided to export multiple hierarchy levels in the grid control for PDF, Excel, and Word file formats.
  • Provided support to export the grid with template columns in Excel, PDF, and Word file formats.

Bug Fixes

  • #188465 - Editing Grid works fine with editMode as dialog.



  • #161500, #166915, #174770, #F128835 - The Kanban control now supports drag-and-drop operations between the Kanban board and other controls.
  • #179568, #F131180 - Kanban empty columns can be rendered without binding a data source.



  • #148230, #163522 - Custom view has been enhanced to display different set of continuous date ranges or specific date collection.
  • #138564, #141079 - Support has been provided to export appointments to Excel format.
  • #185084 - Support provided to retain the scroll position, even after refreshing the entire layout.
  • #185976 - Support provided to auto-scroll the view when dragging an appointment to the edges.
  • #184777, #162291 - Printing option has been enhanced to print the appointments with its background color.



  • Provided button support to increment and decrement the slider values.



  • #165067,#168989,#172008,#180430,#184577 - Provided support for cell styles customization.

  • #183747,#186738 - Provided support for performance improvement for formulas calculation on importing.

  • #F128298 - Provided support for Building common JSON for both getExportProps and saveAsJSON method.

Bug Fixes

  • #186264 - Issue with destroy method while changing view in AngularJS is fixed.

  • #189113 - Provided support for select cells from another sheet while executing the formula.

  • #186209, #180749 - Provided support for add custom colors for Conditional formatting.



  • #182613 - We have provided the option to allow the decimal places without any limit.



  • #184008 – Provided nested object support in TreeView fields. That helps to map the complex data from data source.

Breaking Changes

  • #182105 - In previous, when we pass a single node with a parentID and target to addNode method, the node will append to the parentID’s node and currently node will append in to the target.