Essential Studio for AngularJS Release Notes

September 28, 2016


Bug Fixes

  • #161242 - When given the scope variable in expression format, value does not update in scope for this issue we had fixed.

  • #160280 - In angular, when set the maxlength attribute for Textbox control maxlength validation does not works issue has been fixed.

  • #160621 - In angular, model can provide directly in angular directive and also it can configure for individual properties.

  • #160799, #160621, #161164 - Two way binding is now working for angularJS component after binding model to the plugin.

  • #159368 – Inconsistent numeric,currency and percentage values will not bind in angular scope when using German locale.



  • #161173 - The FileExplorer allows to access the shared folder which is connected via local area network.

  • #161660 - In FileExplorer, we have provided the API allowKeyboardNavigation to enable/disable the Keyboard Navigation.

  • #140098, #141095, #153296, #153869 - The FileExplorer allows files to be moved from one folder to another by using drag and drop. It also supports uploading a file by dragging it from Windows Explorer to a folder in the FileExplorer control.

  • #155542 - The FileExplorer allows thumbnail images to be compressed on the server side and loaded into the FileExplorer layout to improve performance when working with large size images.

  • #159186 - Provided the option to customize the ContextMenu items in FileExplorer control.

  • #159186 - Provided API allowSearchOnTyping to perform the search action only on Enter key press.

  • We have provided the sort by option to sort the files and folders in the FileExplorer in Tile / Large Icons views.



  • Multiple key binding support has been provided for Kanban columns to allow the transition of multiple status.
  • Provided support for Drag and Drop the cards across swim lanes.
  • Provided workflow support to a set of transitions that a card moves through during its process cycle for Kanban.
  • Provided support to prevent dragging and dropping on particular column.

Bug Fixes

  • #160506-Kanban column total count issues are resolved.
  • #162948-RankId of undefined drag and drop issue has been resolved with primary key as GUID data-type.

Breaking Changes

  • menuItem property removed from contextMenuSettings.menuItems.User can give menuItems as string of array.
  • Kanban card layout structure has been changed.



  • Adaptive support has been provided to Ribbon to adjust its size according to the screen size on which it renders.

Bug Fixes

  • #162855-Custom div content is only will show with the Ribbon is pinned



  • #156158 - Scheduler is now provided with an option to show/hide the timezone fields in an appointment window using the API showTimeZoneFields. It also provides another API namely, applyTimeOffset to include or exclude the time offset calculation on appointments based on the timezones.

  • #150560 - PDF Export feature in Scheduler has been enhanced with additional options to export it along with the custom dates, blockout settings features and also allowing it to show/hide the header bar, all-day row and time scale options.

  • A new method namely notifyChanges has been introduced to handle the Scheduler CRUD operations while using SignalR concept.

Bug Fixes

  • #163043 – Scheduler shows correct week range now while using firstDayOfWeek property.
  • #162359, #162951 – Extra parameter is added to denote the recurrence appointment type, while it is being edited or deleted.
  • #163238, #163570 - Now the string/float values can be set for an appointment Id and parentId fields.
  • #158342 – An issue with the reminder event not triggering in client-side has been fixed.
  • #159321 - An issue with the recurrence rule value not updating properly, when using the custom appointment window has been fixed.
  • #160203 – An issue with appointments not displaying in Scheduler, while setting resource groupId as alphanumeric has been fixed.
  • #160267 – Misalignment with Date header and work-cells, when timeScale is set as false and cellWidth property set with some specific value has been fixed.
  • #161092 – Appointment recurrence rule is updating correctly, as per the values passed to the recurrenceExDate field.
  • #160403 - Multiple instances of the recurrence editor can be rendered properly on the same page.
  • #160704 – Dropdown and Datepicker fields within the recurrence editor are working correctly in the Firefox versions 46 and 47.
  • #160436 – All the appointments that lies within the selected date range are getting displayed correctly in Agenda view.
  • #154801, #160276, #160770 - Schedule is rendering properly, when the firstDayOfWeek property is used with different cultures.



  • Provided support for read-only mode.
  • Provided support for context menu customization.
  • Improved the initial rendering performance.



  • Provided option in collapseAll/expandAll method to expand /collapse nodes up to specific level.

  • #156288 - Provided multiple node selection support in TreeView control.

  • #133614, #158321 - Provided option to drag multiple nodes in TreeView control.

  • #160961 - Provided option to get the child nodes of the specific node.



  • The RTE provides Custom execute command that execute selection, range and cursor based commands for all the browser. Since the default execute command behaves inconsistencies across browsers.



  • Provided support for WaitingPopup element append to the given container element.