28 Jun 20171 minute to read


This feature is applicable only for OLAP datasource only at Server Mode.

We can now edit the values in PivotGrid and update a write enabled Cube at the back-end (SSAS) dynamically at runtime.


Write-back is only supported for measures that use the SUM aggregation.

  • JS
  • <div ng-controller="PivotGridCtrl">
        <div id="PivotGrid1" ej-pivotgrid e-url="url" e-enableCellEditing="true" />
  • C#
  • public Dictionary < string, object > WriteBack(string action, string value, string rowUniqueName, string columnUniqueName, string currentReport) {
        OlapDataManager DataManager = new OlapDataManager(connectionString);
        return htmlHelper.GetJsonData(action, DataManager, value, rowUniqueName, columnUniqueName);