28 Jun 20171 minute to read

The Gauge control for Essential Studio displays numerical information in the form of a scale that can be customized and oriented either vertically or horizontally. It comprises the following basic elements:

  • Scales

  • Pointers: bars and markers

  • Ticks

  • Labels

  • Ranges

Three basic scale designs available are : rectangle, rounded rectangle, and thermometer.

Key Features

  • Interaction: Allows you to directly interact with pointers on a gauge.

  • Indicators: Indicate the state of a gauge either active or inactive.

  • Ranges: Highlight the range of values on a gauge.

  • Pointers: Allows you to add multiple pointers like bar pointers and marker pointers to a gauge.

  • Scale Direction: Allows you to set scales direction either horizontally or vertically.

  • Animation: Supports animation effects for pointers.

  • Custom Labels: Allows you to add custom label text on any part of a gauge.

  • Scale Styles: Three basic styles of scales are supported: rectangle, rounded rectangle, and thermometer.