Round-off start date, end date and duration value on taskbar editing

In Gantt start date, end date and duration values can be round-off as per current scheduleHeaderSettings.scheduleHeaderType value on taskbar resizing and dragging actions. This can be achieved by setting roundOffDuration argument value as true in taskbarEditing event.

The below code example explains how to achieve this requirement.

  • <body ng-controller="GanttCtrl">
       <!--Add  Gantt control here-->    
       <div id="GanttContainer" ej-gantt
        angular.module('listCtrl', ['ejangular'])
            .controller('GanttCtrl', function($scope) {
    			$scope.taskbarEditing = function (args) {
    			args.roundOffDuration= true;

    Before resizing

    After resizing