User Interface

28 Jun 2017 / 1 minute to read

FileExplorer UI combined of several sections like header, body and footer. Each section having the corresponding components to perform the FileExplorer related operations.

  • The header section contains the toolbar which having the list of tools to perform the file and navigation related operations.
  • The body section is the main area which explores the filesystem contents. It separated into
    • Navigation pane which contains the tree view to showcase the folder hierarchy
    • Content pane which show cases the files from the file system. The files in the content pane can be viewable in the following modes
      • Grid
      • Tile
  • The footer section contains the status bar which showcases the file details.

The following screenshot shows the diagrammatic detail of FileExplorer UI:

From above screenshot, you can see FileExplorer has several subcomponents for different functionalities. The upcoming sections explains the brief details of each components and their customizations.