Keyboard Navigation

14 Aug 20181 minute to read

The FileExplorer control can be fully accessible with the help of keyboard shortcuts and it can be allowed by specifying allowKeyboardNavigation as true. The below table shows the list of keyboard shortcuts to access the FileExplorer control.


set focus on FileExplorer component to access the keyboard shortcuts.

Key Description
Ctrl + Shift + 1

Focuses the Toolbar

Ctrl + Shift + 2

Focuses the Tree view

Ctrl + Shift + 3

Focuses the Splitter

Ctrl + Shift + 4

Focuses the Grid view

Ctrl + Shift + 5

Focuses the Thumbnail view

Ctrl + Shift + 6

Focuses the Status bar


Focusing next item


Focusing previous item


Selection the focused item


Closes the opened dialog


Renames the selected item

Ctrl + A

Selects the all items

Alt + N

Opens Create New Folder dialog

Ctrl + U

Opens Upload dialog


Refresh the content

Alt + Enter

Get the details of selected item

Ctrl + X

To cut the selected items

Ctrl + C

To copy the selected items

Ctrl + V

Pastes the copied items


Deletes the selected items

Shift + F10

Opens the Context Menu