Multiple Items

28 Jun 20172 minutes to read

The text in the Digital Gauge is positioned with position object. This object contains two attributes such as x and y. The x variable positions the text in the horizontal axis and y variable positions the text in the vertical axis.

  • HTML
  • <html xmlns="" lang="en" ng-app="DigitalGaugeApp">
            <title>Essential Studio for AngularJS: DigitalGauge</title>
            <!--CSS and Script file References -->
        <body ng-controller="DigitalGaugeCtrl">
            <div id="digitalframe">
                     <ej-digitalgauge e-width="1350" e-height="400" e-frame-backgroundimageurl="Board1.png" >
                     <e-item e-value="BLUE" e-segmentsettings-color="blue" e-position-x="90" e-position-y="0">
                     <e-item e-value="RED" e-segmentsettings-color="red" e-position-x="90" e-position-y="15">
                     <e-item e-value="PINK" e-segmentsettings-color="pink" e-position-x="90" e-position-y="30">
            angular.module('DigitalGaugeApp', ['ejangular'])
            .controller('DigitalGaugeCtrl', function ($scope) {

    Execute the above code example to render the DigitalGauge as follows.