Behavior Settings

28 Jun 20172 minutes to read

Set Value

DatePicker value API is two way binding enabled API that can be accessed by using “e-value attribute”. This API value could be set either as a Date object or a formatted string. Adding this e-value to element that resides inside the form/ng-form will add the all required AngularJS attributes (ng-model, ng-update-on, etc,.) and required form validation classes. To know more about AngularJS validation with DatePicker please refer here.

Please check with the below code example,

HTML view section:

  • HTML
  • <input id="datepic" ej-datepicker e-value="date.val1" />

    Controller Section:

  • angular.module("myApp", ['ejangular']).controller("datepicker", function ($scope) {
            $ = { val1: new Date("12/1/2016"), val2: "" }

    Here both two DatePicker e-value API is bounded to scope variable “dateValue”, since e-value is two way binding enabled API, change in one DatePicker will change another DatePicker value.

    Get Value

    DatePicker value could be accessed by using DatePicker instance as given below.

  • var obj = $("#datepic").ejDatePicker("instance");

    Date Ranges

    Date selection can be restricted using our offered APIs e-minDate and e-maxDate, which is used to set the minimum date that can be selected and maximum date range that can be chosen.

    These APIs value can be updated directly in inline, else via scope also. Please check with the below code example.

    Html View Section:

  • HTML
  • <input id="datepic" ej-datepicker e-maxdate="date.max" e-mindate="date.min" e-value="date.val1" />

    Controller Section:

  • $ = {
            min: new Date("1/11/2016"),
            val1: new Date("2/12/2016"),
            max: new Date("3/13/2016")


    Weekends of DatePicker can be highlighted on DatePicker to differentiate the weekends from rest of the days. This is Boolean type API and it can be attained using e-highlightweekend API like below code example

    HTML View Section:

  • HTML
  • <input id="datepic" ej-datepicker e-highlightweekend=true />