SSRS Configuration

4 Oct 20172 minutes to read

The ReportViewer has support to load RDL/RDLC reports from SSRS server. You have to set your SSRS server URL to ReportViewer’s reportServerUrl property and set the relative path of RDL/RDLC file in SSRS to ReportViewer’s reportPath property.

  • HTML
  • <ej-reportviewer id="reportViewer_Control" [reportServiceUrl] = "serviceUrl" [processingMode] = "Remote" [reportServerUrl] = "serverUrl" [reportPath] = "reportPath">
  • TS
  • import { Component } from '@angular/core';
        selector: 'ej-app',
        templateUrl: 'src/reportviewer/reportviewer.component.html',	
    	styleUrls: ['src/reportviewer/reportviewer.component.css']
    export class ReportViewerComponent {
        public serviceUrl: string;    
        public reportPath: string;
    	public serverUrl: string;		
        constructor() {
            this.serviceUrl = ''; 
            this.serverUrl = ''; 		
            this.reportPath = '/SSRSSamples2/Territory Sales new';		

    Network Credentials for SSRS

    The Network credentials can be given at Web API Controller to connect the SSRS server.

  • C#
  • /// <summary>
    /// Report Initialization method that is triggered when report begins to process.
    /// </summary>
    /// <param name="reportOptions">The ReportViewer options.</param>
    public void OnInitReportOptions(ReportViewerOptions reportOptions) 
        //Adds SSRS Server and Database Credentials here.
        reportOptions.ReportModel.ReportServerCredential = new System.Net.NetworkCredential("ssrs", "RDLReport1");
        reportOptions.ReportModel.DataSourceCredentials.Add(new DataSourceCredentials("AdventureWorks", "ssrs1", "RDLReport1"));


    DataSource credentials must be added to the ReportViewer for Shared DataSources that do not have credentials in the connection string and used in the SSRS Reports.