Essential Studio for Angular Release Notes

February 5, 2019


Breaking Changes

  • Visual Studio 2017 and Visual Studio 2019 Preview 2 installed machine, Syncfusion Angular extensions will not be configured in Visual Studio 2017. Refer this documentation to configure the extensions manually.



  • #217407 - Improved filtering by providing option to include diacritic characters with suggestion list of AutoComplete control.


Breaking Changes

  • #224998 - At initial time of FileExplorer rendering, if you specify selectedItems or selectedFolder API, select event will not be triggered hereafter. On UI interaction or when dynamically changing the above property values, select event will be triggered.


Bug Fixes

  • #223283 - Issue in parent task progress calculation has been fixed.
  • #223906 - The initial load performance for long duration tasks with duration and start date mapping values has been improved.
  • #225368 - Issue with initial load task dependency validations has been fixed.
  • #223572 - The event arguments for queryTaskbarInfo client-side event has been made available through intellisense.