Essential Studio for Angular Release Notes (Beta)

September 11, 2018
Starting with version 16.2 (2018 Vol 2), you need to include a valid license key (either paid or trial key) within your applications. Please refer to this help topic for more information


Bug fixes

  • #212352 - Provided support for customized tab index attribute.



  • #209242 - Gradient support for node border color is added.
  • #211102 - Support to avoid segment overlapping when executing the hierarchical tree layout with multiple parents is added.


Bug Fixes

  • #209901 – Provided support to sort different date formats in the file explorer component.



  • #154668, #188887 - The Gantt control now supports histogram view for resource allocation. User can track the resource allocation in the project using the resource histogram view.
  • #169548, #194187, #197377 - Now it is possible to display the unscheduled tasks in Gantt.
  • #208948, #F138124 - Now it is possible to highlight the working time range and non-working time range in Gantt.
  • #206384 - In Gantt dialog, the resource tab and predecessor tab UI design has been optimized to improve user experience.
  • #205709 - Now it is possible to update the date value of the task which has task dependencies, using updateRecordByTaskId method.

Bug Fixes

  • #208330 - Now it is possible to use EJ2 context menu and EJ1 Gantt components in the same page without any issues.
  • #213487 - Issue in updating custom column values with updateRecordByTaskId method has been fixed.
  • #213037 - Alignment issue with Gantt timeline header has been fixed.
  • #208134 - Issue with custom fields in edit dialog of resource view in Gantt has been fixed.
  • #F138054 - Now it is possible to update the header format of the hour timescale dynamically without any issues.
  • #F137979 - Issue with adding new record using custom context menu in Gantt has been fixed.
  • #207281, F138076 - Now the property value for toolbarSettings.toolbarItems can be defined as collection of ej.Gantt.ToolbarItems enumeration type.
  • #207114 - Issue in custom dropdown control in Gantt edit dialog with dropdown data as integer value has been fixed.
  • #206486, F137757 - Issue in exporting parent task with a milestone as child item has been fixed.
  • #212778 - Issue in PDF export with task dependencies and milestones enabled has been fixed.
  • Issue in displaying tasks with duration value as 0 in resource view Gantt has been fixed.



  • #189927, #177568, #203750, #207002, #F129307, #F134895 - Provided support to change the swimlane header’s row text based on swimlaneKey value mapping in swimlane headers . Also, provided support for show/hide empty swimlane in the Kanban board.

Bug Fixes

  • #212714 – Issue with Kanban mobile swipe has been fixed.



  • Support has been provided to customize the data labels using properties.



  • #211349 - Console error is no longer thrown when referring menu component alone in the Angular platform.



  • Support has been provided to hide the intersecting labels.
  • Support has been provided to include or exclude the first day of the next month in the selected data.

    ejReportDesigner Preview

The report designer component for angular platform allows users to create and edit RDL standard reports.


  • Data sources: Supports a wide range of data sources to explore data using connections to major data providers such as Microsoft SQL server, Oracle, OLEDB, and ODBC.

  • Report items: Provides clear data visualization using report items such as built-in parameters, including charts, grids, pivot grids, subreports, textboxes, images, lines, and rectangles.

  • Report parameter: Connects related reports and filters data in queries.

  • Image manager: Supports managing embedded images in the report.

  • Property panel: Allows users to view and modify configurations of selected report item.

  • Expression: Built-in expression editor to create expressions with RDL standard to specify or calculate values for parameters, queries, filters, report item properties, groups, sorts, images, and dynamic page header and footer content.


Bug Fixes

  • #209270 - Added missing parameters for pasteContent method.



  • #206811, #212562 - Now it is possible to search records along with its parent record.
  • #188259, #195994 - Batch edit and batch save support has been implemented in TreeGrid.

Bug Fixes

  • #205681 - Issue in updating data source with total summary rows has been fixed.
  • #211707 - Issue with column resizing action in Firefox browser has been fixed.



  • #203297 - Provided an option to prevent parent node from expanding while adding a node in the tree view control.

Bug Fixes

  • #210388 – Issue with “when clicking the tree element along with other HTML content above the tree view, page scrolls automatically” has been fixed.