Essential Studio for Angular Release Notes

July 30, 2018
Starting with version 16.2 (2018 Vol 2), you need to include a valid license key (either paid or trial key) within your applications. Please refer to this help topic for more information


Bug Fixes

  • #209901 – Provided support to sort different date formats in FileExplorer component.



  • #208330 - Now it is possible to use EJ2 context menu and EJ1 Gantt components in the same page without any issues.
  • #206384 - In Gantt dialog, UI of resource tab and predecessor tab has been optimized to improve user experience.
  • #205709 - Now it is possible to update the date value of the task which has task dependencies, using updateRecordByTaskId method.

Bug Fixes

  • #208134 - Issue with custom fields in edit dialog of resource view in Gantt has been fixed.
  • #F138054 - Now it is possible to update the header format of the hour timescale dynamically without any issues.
  • #F137979 - Issue with adding new record using custom context menu in Gantt has been fixed.
  • #207281, F138076 - Now the property value for toolbarSettings.toolbarItems can be defined as collection of ej.Gantt.ToolbarItems enumeration type.
  • #207114 - Issue in custom dropdown control in Gantt edit dialog with dropdown data as integer value has been fixed.
  • #206486, F137757 - Issue in exporting parent task with a milestone as child item has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • #209270 - Added missing parameters for pasteContent method


Bug Fixes

  • #205681 - Issue in updating data source with total summary rows has been fixed.