Essential Studio for Angular Release Notes

February 22,2018


Bug Fixes

  • #199904 - Bundling issues has been fixed and refreshed on 3rd March 2018.


Breaking Changes

  • #179095 - The DOM structure in Autocomplete visual mode has been changed from SPAN to DIV based on HTML5 validation standard.


Bug Fixes

  • #196228 - Array value is now binding properly to its corresponding label element as like in the HTML checkbox.
  • #196228 - Checkbox is not unchecked when clicking on it when binding array value for checked API is fixed and refreshed on 3rd March 2018.


Bug Fixes

  • #187054 - While remove the value from the DatePicker input then value is not updated in the expression issue is fixed.



  • #196325 - Provided virtual scrolling support for loading files and folders on demand in order to improve performance.
  • #191114 - Provided API to customize the upload settings of FileExplorer component.



  • #192255 - Provided support for checkbox selection with frozenColumns.
  • #188664 - Provided support to select cells using mouse dragging.

Bug Fixes

  • #193809 - Grid height is set fine with isResponsive property enabled in empty Grid.

ejPivotClient Preview

The pivot client control allows the visualization of both OLAP and relational data in pivot grids and pivot charts embedded within it. It also provides a UI option to drag fields, filter them, re-arrange them, and create pivot views at run time.


  • Bind the control with relational data sources along with Microsoft Analysis Services databases and XML/A data sources.
  • Build OLAP/pivot reports by placing elements in different axes of the pivot client. Reports can be prepared on the fly.
  • Use the toolbar’s various options for exporting and manipulating the OLAP/pivot report such as add report, new report, remove report, etc.
  • Save reports for later use.



  • #188294 - An improved method for adding/removing resources dynamically to and from the layout has been introduced.
  • #181299 - Support to link together the same appointment to multiple resources has been added, so that the CRUD action made on single appointment reflects on all other grouped ones.

Behavior Changes

  • #189169 - Appointments are now made to drag on mobile mode, just by tap holding and then moving it anywhere instead of dragging it through single touch and move.

Breaking Changes

  • ##192566, #194125 - Appointment resizes properly now, when field names are mapped with custom names.


Bug Fixes

  • #195731 – The issue on node editing in TreeView template has been fixed.