Essential Studio for Angular Release Notes

December 27,2017


Known issue

Native events for form components(ejButton, ejRadioButton,.) not working properly in Angular production build.

Refer the below links to know more about issue details.



  • Provided support to select multiple cells using keyboard navigation.

Bug Fixes

  • #191357 - Grid header moves fine when navigating the cell using tab key in Grid with scroller.
  • #193030 - The two different columns can have different dataSource with same foreignKeyField and foreignKeyValue.
  • #192728 - Validation message is shown when importing Grid component particularly instead of all components.
  • #189442 - Confirmation Dialog is not opened at initial rendering of detail template Grid with batch editing.


Bug fixes

  • #193860 - PivotGauge is refreshed while changing data source.


Breaking Changes

  • #192566, #194125 - Appointment resizes properly now, when field names are mapped with custom names.


Bug Fixes

  • #192260 – Now in checkbox row selection, the rowSelected event will be triggered while check/uncheck action using keyboard space key.