Getting Started

17 Dec 20181 minute to read

This section helps you to understand the getting started of the Radial Slider component with the step-by-step instructions.

Create a Radial Slider component

The following steps guide you to add a Radial Slider control.

1) To get start with how to use the Radial Slider component within Angular-2 platform, refer the basic requisites and the configurations needs to be done on the system from here.

2) Create a radial slider by adding [ej-radialslider] attribute for rendering the Radial Slider component on the application.

  • <ej-radialslider innercircleimageurl="" [radius]="radius">

    Define the radius in the component’s constructor file. Refer to the below mentioned code.

  • export class AppComponent {
                radius: number;
                constructor() {
                    this.radius = 100;

    To get the following output from the above-mentioned code.

    Getting Started


    You can find the Radial Slider component properties from the API reference