8 Jun 20171 minute to read

The targetId property is used to define the target Id for Navigation Drawer. The drawer opens while you click on the specified target element.

In the HTML page set the targetId of Navigationdrawer.

  • HTML
  • <div ej-navigationdrawer id="navpane" targetId="drawerTarget" direction="left" [enableListView]="enablelistview" position="fixed" [listViewSettings]="listviewsettings">
            <input type="button" ej-button id="drawerTarget" text="Open Drawer" style="top:200px;left:400px;position:absolute" />
  • TS
  • export class AppComponent {
            enablelistview: any;
            listviewsettings: any;
            constructor() {
                this.enablelistview = true;
                this.listviewsettings = { height: 500 };

    The following screenshots illustrates the output.

    Before target click

    After target click