8 Jun 20172 minutes to read

You can set the transition type of the Navigation Drawer by using type property. The possible transition types are slide and overlay.

  • Slide - Both navigation panel and content page slides towards left/right direction to view the navigation panel items.
  • Overlay - Only the navigation panel slides over the content page to view the navigation panel items. That is, part of the content page is hidden under navigation panel.


_ Transition slide type works only with fixed position._

The default value is Overlay.

In the HTML page set the type and position of Navigationdrawer.

  • HTML
  • <div ej-navigationdrawer id="navpane" targetId="drawerTarget" type="slide" direction="left" [enableListView]="enablelistview" position="fixed" [listViewSettings]="listviewsettings">
            <input type="button" ej-button id="drawerTarget" text="Open Drawer" style="top:200px;left:400px;position:absolute" />
  • TS
  • export class AppComponent {
            enablelistview: any;
            listviewsettings: any;
            constructor() {
                this.enablelistview = true;
                this.listviewsettings = { height: 500 };

    The following screenshot illustrates the output.

    Before target click

    After target click