To customize the ListView dimensions, width and height properties are used.

Refer to the following code examples.

  • HTML
  • <div style="width:400px;">
        <ej-listview headertitle="List Items" [height]="height" [width]="width">
                <li data-ej-text="Artwork"></li>
                <li data-ej-text="Abstract"></li>
                <li data-ej-text="2 Acrylic Mediums"></li>
                <li data-ej-text="Creative Acrylic"></li>
                <li data-ej-text="Modern Painting"></li>
                <li data-ej-text="Canvas Art"></li>
                <li data-ej-text="Black white"></li>
                <li data-ej-text="Children"></li>
                <li data-ej-text="Preschool Crafts"></li>
                <li data-ej-text="School-age Crafts"></li>
  • TS
  • export class AppComponent {
        height: any;
        width: any;
        constructor() {
            this.width = 400;
            this.height = 500;

    Run the code to get the following output