7 Jun 20175 minutes to read

Linear Gauge has an exporting feature that converts Gauge control into image format and then export in client side. The method API exportImage is used to export the LinearGauge. It has two arguments such as file name and file format to specify the file name and file formats. For exporting refer the following code example.

  • TS
  • //Adding label collection
    this.scaleLabels= [{ font: { size: "11px", fontFamily: "Segoe UI", fontStyle: "bold" }, distanceFromScale: { x: -13 } }];
  • HTML
  • <button id="btnSubmit">Export</button>
    <div id=" fileName ">FileName </div>
    <div id=" fileFormat ">FileFormat </div>
    <select id="fileFormat">
        <option value="JPEG">JPEG</option>
        <option value="PNG">PNG</option>
     <ej-lineargauge id="LinearGauge1"  [width]=450 labelColor="#8c8c8c">
            <e-scale backgroundColor="transparent" [labels]="scaleLabels" [showRanges]="true"
                            [length]=310 [position]="{ x: 52, y: 50 }" [showBarPointers]="false"
                                                    [border]="{ color: 'transparent', width: 0 }">
                  <e-markerpointer  [width]="10" backgroundColor="#4D4D4D" [value]=50 [length]=10
                                                                          border.color="#4D4D4D" >
                   <e-tick type="majorinterval" [width]=2 color="#8c8c8c" 
                                       [distanceFromScale]="{ x: 7, y: 0 }"></e-tick>
                     <e-range [startValue]=0 [endValue]=60 backgroundColor="#F6B53F" [startWidth]=4
                                                              [endWidth]=4 border.color="#F6B53F" >
                    <e-range [startValue]=60 [endValue]=100 backgroundColor="#E94649" [startWidth]=4
                                                               [endWidth]=4 border.color="#E94649" >
  • // declaration
    $("#btnSubmit").ejButton({ width: "50px", click: "buttonclickevent", });
    $("#fileFormat").ejDropDownList({ selectedItemIndex: 0, width: "115" });
    function buttonclickevent() {
        var FileName = $("#fileName").val();
        var FileFormat = $("#fileFormat").ejDropDownList("option", "value");
        $("#LinearGauge1").ejLinearGauge("exportImage", FileName, FileFormat);

    Execute the above code to render the following output.